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Marketing & Communications

What we do

As Marketing and Communications committee members, our work encompasses planning, developing, and managing a strategic marketing and communications roadmap that supports the ICF NYC Chapter’s mission, vision, and values; while driving annual goals and objectives.

This committee also promotes various professional development programs and member events like CoachCafes, breakfast and book club meetups, webinars, pro-bono programs, as well as other key Chapter initiatives. Campaigns are created that are designed to educate organizations and targeted public groups on the overarching benefits of coaching and working with a certified coach; with some efforts supporting global events such as International Coaching Week (ICW).

Serving as “connective tissue” amongst ICF NYC Chapter committees, this group contributes both unique ideas and strategic content for the Chapter's website, newsletters, email blasts, social media and event calendar, as well as for ICF Global and NE Regional communications.

Why this is important

This committee plays a pivotal role in educating ICF members globally, regionally and in-state on the Chapter's various programs, activities, and events; while simultaneously informing members of the ways they can both continue their professional development and achieve ICF credentials.

Through communication, we aim to create an informed membership of coaches who in turn help us build a thriving community to reinforce our core values of integrity, excellence, collaboration, and respect. We look to deepen our academic partnerships wherever possible and generate an awareness of pro bono coaching and other services we believe are incredibly important today.

How can you help

    • Strategically support the Chapter’s annual marketing and communications plan
    • Help execute marketing materials, campaign content and manage social media posts
    • Communicate the value of and raise awareness for the ICF, the ICF NYC Chapter, and the various programs, offerings, initiatives, activities, and events available to our members

    Our committee welcomes your expertise at any time, whether an individual campaign, over a specified timeframe, or throughout the year. During that time you may find it helpful to join our monthly meeting and any brainstorming or working sessions to execute ideas.


    Susan Laliberte, Director of Marketing and Communications

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    ICF NYC Chapter
    348 West 57th Street
    New York, New York 10019

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