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The Effectiveness of Coaching

  • July 13, 2023
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • VIRTUAL - Event will be recorded. Zoom Video Meeting with Cameras Enabled. Presentation with Interactive Small Break-out and Large-Group Discussion


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Coaching effectiveness is "the extent to which coaches can implement their knowledge, competencies and skills to positively affect learning, growth and performance of their clients." As the coaching industry continues to expand, clients are increasingly focused on what is most likely to lead to positive outcomes. The Cube of Coaching Effectiveness is a new model that builds on current research and aims to provide a methodology for coaches, individual clients and organizations to evaluate how effective coaching engagements are. This interactive event will explore a framework for examining coaching engagements, questions to ask, and how coaches can apply this framework to improve their own practice.


To share a model -- The Cube of Coaching Effectiveness -- to evaluate coaching engagements and explore how coaches can apply this model to improve their coaching practice.


Coaching is a nearly 4.5 billion dollar industry. Coaching in organizations is highly in demand - 65% of all coaches identify themselves as business coaches. Organizations include coaching as an approach to facilitate workplace learning, leadership development and enhance employee performance. Scientific studies have established that coaching in organizations is effective, however, not much is known about the mechanism of coaching effectiveness or how to measure it.

The Cube of Coaching Effectiveness is a scientifically grounded model of coaching effectiveness, that brings together various theoretical frameworks from more than seven decades of research. It helps bridge the gap between the theory of coaching effectiveness from the past decades and the coaching practice within the organizations.

The framework presented in the Cube of Coaching Effectiveness:

can be readily used in organizations for evaluating coaching effectiveness of external and internal coaches as well as managers using coaching skills; it can also serve human resources professionals as a guide on how to measure the benefits coaching can offer their employees.

can be applied by coaching practitioners to increase their coaching effectiveness by focusing on suggested coaching skills, competencies and client-supportive behaviors.

suggests a direction in future coach training by listing coaching skills that lead to effective coaching.


To introduce the concept of coaching effectiveness and why it's important

To explore the Cube Model methodology and how it can be applied to your coaching engagements

To examine the importance of the coaching relationship to coaching effectiveness

To evaluate coaching effectiveness using the Cube Model to examine a number of case studies

To learn how you can contribute to ongoing academic research in piloting the Cube Model



Introducing Coaching Effectiveness

Why is Coaching Effectiveness Important?

The Value of Research Factors Related to the Effectiveness of Coaching

The Cube of Coaching Effectiveness

Small Group Breakouts Looking at Application of the Cube Questions

Case Study 1

Case Study 2

Q & A



Joanna Jarosz, ACC, MA Economics, Ph.D. Social Sciences, focuses her research on the effectiveness of coaching & the application of coaching in enhancing well-being and performance in the workplace. She has also authored many coaching-related scientific publications.

Joanna is the Executive Director of the Alliance for Coaching Effectiveness (partners: Quantuvos & Emory University), a ground-breaking hub for assessing & improving coaching effectiveness. Her model for assessing the effectiveness of coaching - the Cube of Coaching Effectiveness - offers unlimited possibilities to organizations, coaches, and clients alike. In both her academic research and professional life, she brings together the practice and the science of coaching. Joanna has worked in the fast-paced tech industry for nearly a decade, and as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation, she has helped numerous people grow as coaches and as managers.

Joanne is a cellist & singer. With her family in Barcelona, the ocean, outdoor lifestyle, & friends fill their lives with love & gratitude.

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