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Breakfast and a Book Club - The Coaching Shift

  • June 12, 2023
  • 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM


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Join ICF NYC for its Breakfast and a Book Club meeting to kick off your week with a mental boost! This month we delve into The Coaching Shift by Shonna D. Waters and Brodie Gregory Riordan. 

Summary Details

Format:  Virtual - Zoom meeting format, cameras enabled

About The Book

Title: The Coaching Shift

Author: Shonna D. Waters and Brodie Gregory Riordan

Publication Date: 2021


The Coaching Shift: How A Coaching Mindset and Skills Can Change You, Your Interactions, and the World Around You offers practical guidance on how to adopt a coaching mindset and how to build a coaching skill set to unlock better communication, stronger relationships, and high performance in others.

Accessible and practical, the book draws on research from coaching, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, social psychology, and industrial-organizational psychology to provide the best science-based practices that can be applied in work and life. It presents core coaching skills that anyone can develop and use to improve their own emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and interactions with others. It uses levels of analysis to help readers think about key concepts first in relation to themselves, and then in 1:1 interactions, group and team dynamics, organizational-level impact, and beyond. The book offers specific and tangible advice for readers to develop their coaching and communication skills, while also developing a deeper understanding of themselves.

The Coaching Shift, with its clear tone, anecdotal references, and practical application, will be essential reading for coaches in practice and in training, and for academics and students of coaching and coaching psychology. These concepts and practices are also relevant for anyone who wants to have more effective interactions with others.

About the ICF NYC Book Club

The ICF NYC Book Club is an opportunity for attendees to delve deeper into their learning from the book and to share highlights from what they read, implications for their coaching practice, and more. Book club meetings are not book previews or presentations and active participation and contribution is expected from all attendees. 

Meeting Guidelines:

  • Out of respect for our facilitator and other attendees, you are expected to have read the book, or at a minimum, significant portions of it, prior to attending so that meaning, intent and application may be discussed with depth.  Familiarity with the content enables a much more meaningful exchange and conversation.

  • As with any virtual call, please be prepared to have your video and audio on, with limited distraction.  Turn off all notifications.  

  • In order to receive CCEU credit, you must be present and actively participate.

  • Come in your pajamas! We don’t care about how you look or if you’re munching, only the intellectual contribution you bring.

Meetings will be held consistently on the second Monday of each month at 8 AM (except where may be otherwise indicated). 

Attendance at every meeting is not necessary.  You may participate based upon your preference for the book.  The intended purpose of this offering is to broaden and deepen our knowledge of current practices in the coaching profession and in the business world.

Please register early!  If registration is low, or non-existent, for any specific book, we will revisit the selection and float a poll to the membership to select a replacement book.  We therefore encourage participants to register early for meetings so that we may assess interest at an early stage.

Meet Our Breakfast and a Book Club Host

Anita Kishore PhD, ACC

A former scientist & management consultant, Anita brings an open, honest and direct approach from her global experience coaching leaders across diverse industries.  As an executive coach, Anita focuses on onboarding senior level executives into organizations and deepening their leadership capacity. Anita’s superpower is being a straight shooter with deep empathy.  She lives in Jackson Heights, New York.

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