Addiction Recovery management is increasingly being understood as a client priority in successful daily living. This prioritization may present challenges for support professionals, such as coaches, who are not themselves in recovery and, consequently, may not know how to work with addiction. These challenges do not preclude engagement with the client in recovery.


The purpose of this training is to demystify addiction and recovery, and to develop coaching skills, language and tools to respond effectively to such clients.

Participants will expand their understanding of these issues and gain confidence in applying this learning in both their professional and personal lives.


Three things our audience will learn:

  1. How to identify when clients are recovering from active addiction
  2. How the addiction recovery process affects the coaching engagement
  3. What language and skills improve effective communication with recovering clients



Ruth Riddick brings personal experience of successful recovery living (13 years) and professional expertise as an experiential educator focused on challenging issues in personal and organizational development (25 years). A Certified Addiction Recovery Coach and Trainer, Ruth is also licensed to teach the CCAR-Recovery Coach Academy. As President/CEO of Sobriety Together™, Ruth develops and delivers custom professionals training programs and original multi-media materials. She serves on the teaching faculty at NYC’s Training & Resource Center and at Manhattan’s Exponents.


Amy Bloustine has over 20 years professional experience in delivering community based recovery education nationwide, working with the DEA Educational Foundation and The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. She also created the nonprofit Project Teen Talk: Giving our Youth a Voice. Amy holds a B.A. in Psychology and minor in Business from Westminster College, and has a Masters in Educational Psychology from Texas A&M University. She is an NYU Certified Personal Coach, a Certified Career Coach with The Five O’Clock Club, a member of ICF, and trained Recovery Coach.