Twenty years have passed since McKinsey introduced the notion of a war for talent, but how effective are organizations at identifying and retaining talented employees? This talk will highlight the big gap between what organizations do and should do to win the talent war. It will also explain how talent should be defined and measured, and why personality is key to understanding and developing human potential at work. In addition, recent innovations in assessment tools will be examined and discussed to understand what the future of talent may bring.


Things you will learn:

• Psychology provides the key to acquiring, developing, engaging, and retaining talent

• Personality plays a critical role in coaching and development interventions

• Though we are living in the age of talent the field is far from scientific and progress is needed


About Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic is an international authority in psychological profiling, talent management, and people analytics. He is the CEO of Hogan Assessment Systems, Professor of Business Psychology at University College London (UCL), and visiting Professor at Columbia University. He has previously taught at New York University and the London School of Economics.


Dr. Tomas has published eight books and over 120 scientific papers making him one of the most prolific social scientists of his generation. His work has received awards by the American Psychological Association and the International Society for the Study of Individual Differences.


Dr. Tomas is also the director of UCL’s Industrial-Organizational and Business Psychology program, and an Associate to Harvard’s Entrepreneurial Finance Lab.


Over the past 15 years, he has consulted to a range of clients in the financial services, advertising, media, consumer goods, fashion and government sectors, including: JP Morgan, HSBC, Havas, Fallon, Yahoo!, MTV, Unilever, LVMH, Net-a-Porter, and the British Army to name a few.


Dr. Tomas’ has made over 70 TV appearances, including the BBC, CNN, and Sky, and has regular features in Harvard Business Review, the Guardian, Fast Company, Forbes, and the Huffington Post. Dr. Tomas is a keynote speaker for the Institute of Economic Affairs and the co-founder of metaprofiling.com, a digital start-up that enables organizations to identify individuals with entrepreneurial talent. He lives in New York.


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