CCEUs: 2.0: .5 in Core Competencies and 1.5 in Resource Development

Sponsored by AIIR Consulting and Partners International

An Esteemed Panel of Coaching Practice Leaders and Influencers

Moderator: John Hoover, PhD, ACC, CSA, SVP of Global Contextual Coaching for Partners in Human Resources International

This interactive panel discussion will feature leaders of executive coaching functions at major organizations around the world.

Our esteemed panelists will discuss their views on the role internal and external coaches play in developing leaders in their organizations. They will offer their insights and experiences, and describe their coach-hiring criteria.


Participants will learn how coaching has contributed to their organizations’ success, and, specifically, how executive coaching:

• Strengthens and informs the entire organization

• Contributes to developing leaders who help build the organization

• Aligns leadership to the organization’s global business strategies

• Enables a combination of self-discovery and organizational awareness, and the role it plays in growing strong leaders


The panelists include:

Priscilla Gill, Manager, Leadership and Organizational Development: Mayo Clinic

Laura Fisher, Associate Manager, Learning & Organizational Development: Regeneron Pharmacuticals

Terrence E. Maltbia, PhD, Faculty Director of the Columbia Coaching Certification Program

Michelle Seyfarth, Global Leadership Coaching Program Lead/Leader & Organizational Development: General Motors

Jeremy Stover, Executive Coaching and Leadership: LinkedIn

Magdalena N. Mook, Executive Director and CEO of the International Coach Federation


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AIIR Consulting, LLC

AIIR Consulting is a global leadership development consultancy dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and performance of leaders and their organizations. AIIR services include traditional executive coaching, telepresence coaching, enterprise coaching technology, and leadership pipeline development. Through strategic integration of coaching and technology, AIIR brings agile leadership development to today’s connected leader.


Partners International — The Art of Alignment

Partners International aligns what individuals and teams do best in an organization; aligns the best thinking, builds leaders, aligns strategic team development, and creates systems that align people, performance, and profitability.