With John P. Schuster, PCC





Neurobiology, mindfulness, and Jungian psychology are converging into useful practices that inform our deployment of our selves as coaches. Presence acts as both the source and the outcome of an effective use of self emotionally, cognitively and somatically. This session provides an overview of breakthrough work in hemisphere studies of the brain, and points to models we can use to expand our coaching toolkit. Much of the helpful modeling in coaching come from the left hemisphere, and this workshop will help to balance the genius and science of the left with the intuitive power and art of the right hemisphere.


Three things you will learn:

  1. How to use the recent findings of brain hemisphere differences for ourselves and clients, counteracting the mistakes of the early pop descriptions of those differences that devolved into broad generalities that were wrong and of little use.


  1. How to assist your clients in accessing more of their brain/mind and creative powers for aligned decision-making and enhanced performance.


  1. How to use the precision of description and the power of metaphor to help clients gain insight.



About the Speaker:

John P. Schuster is an executive coach, and teaches coaching at Columbia University as well as the Hudson Institute of Coaching. He conducts programs on career renewal and planning for retirement in multiple corporate and non-profit environments. He is a board member of the Jung Association of Central Ohio and the international childcare improvement NGO, Whole Child International. He is the coach in residence for a CEO mentoring firm, Merryck. He has authored several books, including Answering Your Call: a guide to living your deepest purpose, and The Power of Your Past: the art of recalling, reclaiming and recasting.