Mindful Marketing and Authentic Enrollment: Successful Strategies For Coaches Who Love Integrity and Service

with George Kaounspecified


Ready for some heart-based and effective outreach tips to grow your coaching business? You will love this session. Many of us feel inundated by sales & marketing strategies that feel disingenuous at best, and manipulative at worst. The approach taught by many business “gurus” can feel to us coaches to be pushy, brash, and slick – and not at all how we wish to represent ourselves. George Kao has taught thousands of students and clients, mostly professional coaches, how to build successful businesses using authentic online marketing. In this valuable, content-rich class, participants will learn an authentic path to spreading your message to the right people, and gaining new ideal clients for your business.

Three things our audience will learn:

• How to effectively spread your message and expertise widely online — to reach your ideal audience — from a place of integrity, generosity, and service.

• How to enroll clients authentically — in a way that makes prospects feel cared for –and creating tremendous goodwill toward your business.

•The key principles of mindful and authentic marketing.


Since 2009, George Kao has been a trusted conscious marketing advisor to thousands of coaches, counselors, consultants, therapists, and healers. His mission is to raise the marketing effectiveness of those who highly value integrity, compassion, and generosity. George’s specialty is helping people grow their ideal audience through honest online marketing, including social media, webinars, launches, SEO, and productivity. George has conducted well over 1,000 business-coaching sessions with individual clients, as well as hundreds of webinars, teleclasses, in-person presentations, and tele-summits. For many wisdom-based solo-preneurs, George Kao is the go-to expert and advisor on the topics of heart-based marketing, and how to create a business that is truly ethical and fulfilling