CCEUs: 1.5 in Core Competencies


Applying laser coaching allows you to go deeper rather than broader, thereby staying more focused, maximizing the time, and creating long–lasting change. Become aware of what you are actually listening for in every conversation.


Realize the importance and impact of the first question after hearing the client’s situation.The reflection and first question after the client’s situation sets the depth for the rest of the conversation and begins to move it forward. Learn how to masterfully thread questions.


Discover some very simple, powerful techniques and tools, and most importantly a particular, unique approach and “The” QUESTION to hold in mind during every coaching conversation – and never actually ask.


Implement the simple, yet profound way of making any question thought–provoking and powerful.


Things you will learn:

• To ask open, thought-provoking, powerful questions that move the conversation forward vs. gather information –- questions that force the client to do the thinking.

• To become aware of what to listen for so they can separate the situation from the person.

• How to masterfully begin the coaching conversation after the client’s story and understand the significance and importance of the first question.

• How to uniquely listen to clients and let them know they have been heard and become aware of context and threading in the conversation.


About  Marion Franklin, MCC

An MCC since 2006 and a PCC since 1998, Marion teaches her own unique ICF-ACSTH training, Laser Coach Your Way to Sustainable Success, emphasizing masterful coaching skills. She facilitates ongoing “Coach with ConfidenceMentor Groups offering certification preparation or renewal. She created and teaches an ICF-approved International Mentor Coach Training program “Going Beyond Models.”


Marion is passionate about helping coaches improve their competence and confidence and prepares coaches for ACC, PCC, or MCC with 100% success rate thus far. Her wisdom is evident through her ezine/AUDIObook, Life’s Little Lessons, and CoachCamps audios. She has presented at ICF and ACTO conferences as well as numerous ICF chapter webinars and teleclasses.


Marion supervises Univ. of Texas executive coaching students and maintains clients emphasizing Structural Alignment™ methodology focused on permanent core behavioral changes. She is co-author of 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops