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ICF nYC chapter event policies and procedures

We aim to be transparent with our members as to how the ICF NYC Chapter operates. This is both in the interest of good governance and because we want to share information to make the member experience as positive and easy-to-navigate as possible.

ICF NYC is a volunteer-run organization, from the Board of Directors to the committee members. In all of our decisions, we seek to balance the time and bandwidth of our volunteer team with member experience and convenience. The planning, processing and administrative coordination behind every event brings you the professional experience that you’ve come to expect. We streamline resources and efforts where possible, and we appreciate your consideration and support in this effort.

We are always seeking additional volunteers and welcome anyone with an interest in taking on a new project idea or leading an initiative that they want to see realized to benefit the chapter.

For more information on our chapter’s governance, see our By-laws or how to Get Involved.

Security Lists and Registration Deadlines

Please be mindful that some of our event venues require us to submit guest lists in advance. On an event’s registration page, we indicate when there are registration deadlines and when no walk-in tickets are available. These requirements come from the venue and not from our chapter policies.

Walk-in Tickets

Walk-in tickets may be purchased at an event subject to availability and for a $20 increase above the pre-registration price. This is to encourage earlier purchasing so that our event logistics team can better plan for day-of setup and to enable smoother coordination with our on-site points of contact, including building security and refreshments.

Always check an event registration page prior to showing up to ensure that an event is not sold out. Also note that some events, due to location security rules, cannot accommodate walk-in tickets and registration deadlines will be published on the event registration page.

We are a growing chapter, and an increasing number of events are selling out, so we encourage you to buy tickets in advance to events you are most interested in.

Ticket Refunds

All ticket sales are final. We do not offer refunds. Please refer to Ticket Exchanges and Ticket Transfer for alternative options.

Ticket Exchanges

From time-to-time an unforeseen emergency or conflict arises and you may not be able to make an ICF NYC event for which you are registered. If you let us know prior to the event starting, we will work to accommodate an exchange and issue you a ticket for an alternative upcoming event.

All requests for ticket exchanges must be made 24 hours prior to event start time. Any requests made after an event start time will not be accommodated.

The exchange may be made for an event of equal or lesser value. Refunds for any difference in your original ticket price and one of lesser value will not be made.

Ticket Transfer to Another Individual

With the exception of events where it is clearly stated that ticket transfers are not possible due to a specific security policy, you may transfer your ticket to another person.

Member tickets may be transferred to other members. Member tickets transferred to a Guest will incur a charge equal to the differential in ticket price. Guest tickets transferred to a member will not be refunded the differential.

You must notify us 24 hours in advance of event start time so that registration lists may be updated. Failure to notify us in advance will result in ticket transfer being denied and your intended guest being charged for a walk-in ticket or denied entry.

Event Cancellation

In the unlikely event of a canceled event, ticket holders will be offered the option of attending the event on a rescheduled date, exchanging their ticket for another event, or receiving a refund.

Member Ticket Rates

Our “member” rate for events is extended to all ICF members. This includes both members of the NYC chapter as well as members of ICF not affiliated with ICF NYC. At the time of registration, NYC chapter members should select the “NYC member” ticket option. All other ICF members should select the ICF Global member ticket option and provide their ICF Global membership number.

Guest Attendance at Events

All are welcome to attend events that are not advertised as “Member Only” events. When registering, select the “Guest” ticket option.

Student Tickets

When an event is hosted with an academic partner, a limited number of student tickets will be made available for purchase at a discounted fee. To receive the discount, obtain the discount code from the academic partner prior to registering. ICF NYC honors the academic partner relationship and will process the registration discount code for the event.

Questions and Contact

Please contact with all questions and requests.

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