The ICF NYC Chapter prides itself on its talented members and dedicated volunteers.  To that end, we are always looking for members that are willing to use their talents to help grow and develop our chapter.  Join a committee, get involved and help us make a difference! Here are just some of the ways you can contribute (sign up for all on the form below):

Committee: Professional Development

What we do: We provide opportunities for learning and development for our area coaches, organize professional development programs, in-person and webinars, and offer opportunities to earn CCEUs.  We also encourage networking and professional community building.

Why this is important:  to grow and support our professional coaching community, build opportunities to enhance the depth and knowledge of our members, as well as provide a strong area network for coaches to help each other’s growth.

How can you help:

  • Identify topics of interest to help plan programs.
  • Identify suitable speakers for a determined set of programs.
  • Coordinate logistics for specific programs (speaker materials, agenda, content flow, equipment, etc.) to appeal to varied member interests.
  • Select a role of interest; participate in PD committee calls and as appropriate. Estimated volunteer hours per month: 2-4 hours.

Contact: Sue Negrey: sue@coach2achieve.co


Committee: Community Outreach

What we do: Committed to raise the profile of coaching in the community through volunteer service work and advocacy.  Pro Bono coaching gives coaches the opportunity to contribute something meaningful while doing something we love to do—coach. Our talented coaches specialize in a variety of areas (e.g., leadership, career, life, transitions).

Why this is important: Our work promotes the coaching profession’s value and contribution and offers our coaches wonderful opportunities to serve our community, often with organizations and individuals who are not familiar with coaching and who may not be able to afford it.

How you can help:

Pro bono coaching opportunities:

  • IGNITE (ICF Foundation)
    • Coaching partner organizations’ leaders– three organizations; The Hoboken School District; NYCHA; The Parris Foundation.
    • January – August 2018.
  • DCAT (Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Assn.)
    • Laser coaching to introduce DCAT’s executive Women in Pharma to the power of coaching on March 19thduring their NYC conference
  • WiCT (Women in Cable Telecommunications)
    • Coaching media professionals in October during the WiCT NYC Conference.
  • NYCHA (NYC Housing Authority)
    • Coaching NYCHA residents who are enrolled in their educational programs.
    • Throughout the year.
    • Workshops educating residents on business skills.

DCAT, NYCHA and WICT Contact:Margaret McLean Walsh: mclean.walsh@gmail.com and

Ignite Contact: Angelo Moultair: angelojmoultair@gmail.com


Committee: Special Events

What we do:  Project management and execution of larger chapter events that are not part of the monthly professional development program. Special events include: Team coaching in organizations, Coach Salon, Summer Social, Holiday party, etc.

Why this is important: These events provide the community with large scale programs that meet the needs of coaching professionals and educate the community on the value of coaching.

How you can help:

  • Research and secure event spaces.
  • Source food and beverages, where needed.
  • Support registration table to check in guests.
  • Miscellaneous tasks as needed for each event.

Contact: Susan Ginsberg O’Sullivan: susan@go-coaching.net


Committee: Membership

What we do:  Support sustained growth of ICF NYC Chapter membership and drive member engagement.

Why this is important: To ensure the continued growth of our Chapter while reinvigorating members and reminding them why they made the decision to join ICF in the first place. In communicating with our Chapter about the value and benefits of ICF Membership, we reinforce the fact that ICF Members represent the highest quality of professional coaching. Members are the lifeblood of our organization; without them we cease to be meaningful. So, it is vital to keep members engaged and make it worth their time and energy to be involved. By joining the Membership Renewal Committee, you can play a vital role in communicating the value of ICF to our members, helping to ensure renewal, answer questions, and to raise awareness of ICF as leading advancement of the highest quality of coaching.

How you can help:

  • Join the membership committee and become a chapter ambassador to our members.
  • Support the annual membership renewal “blitz” through e-mail, social media and personal outreach.
  • Write letters, make member calls

Contact: Wendy Mantel: wendy@mantelcoaching.com


Committee: CoachCafé!

What we do:  CoachCafe! Mastermind Group, provides a safe, intimate environment where coaches can help one another to grow their businesses. We meet 6x/year for 90 minutes.  2018 goal: expand the CoachCafe! to other NYC locations.

Why this is important: We believe everyone has something of value to contribute, and collective intelligence is greater that the sum of the members.

How you can help:

  • Host a CoachCafe! in your home.
  • Lead a CoachCafe! in another location.
  • Help create a database of members’ offers to help for follow-up.

Contact:  Mindy Gewirtz: mgewirtz@collaborativenetworks.net


Committee: Social Media

What we do:  We are proud to announce the Social Media committee aimed to serve you around the following four areas: Development, keeping you in the know with industry best practices; Engaged, keeping you informed on what happing and how you can take part; Educating the market place about coaching and the amazing talent we have to tap in too; and Recognition of the great things happening in the NYC Chapter, such as credentialing, members being featured, and the many other ways there are to shine a light on your great work you put in to make our chapter great!

Why this is important:

Given how important and impactful social media has become in recent years and at the same time coaching trending on the same direction it made perfect sense to combine the two with our newest committee.

How you can help:

  • Serve as a social media ambassador.
  • Help develop content for social media platforms.
  • Create excitement about coaching through social media.
  • Serve as Twitter Ambassadors (IFC Global).

Contact: Angelo Moultair: angelojmoultair@gmail.com


Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!