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Come Join Our CoachCafe Meetings!

Have you attended our CoachCafe meetings yet? It’s a great way to be part of our ICF NYC community to create meaningful connections. We offer different groups based on a variety of themes. If you have any questions about our meetings, feel free to reach out to Gina Martin, Director of Membership Engagement, at

“Why CoachCafe? Connection, Growth, Opportunity! I feel connected with the ICF NYC Chapter in new ways. My CoachCafe “partners” are integral in helping me achieve my business goal. I am now privileged to co-facilitate our monthly CoachCafe with a wonderful colleague. Incredible connections, a growth opportunity, and coaches supporting coaches: And, it’s all free!”Matthew Pearson, PCC. CoachCafe Facilitator

First Thursday of Every Month | 12-1 pm

Bring your lunch, curiosity, and coach’s presence! We’re a dynamic and diverse group of professional coaches in our ICF NYC community. Each of us comes from a different cultural background with unique gifts to contribute, and we want to offer a safe and supportive space to share our insights and perspectives to learn from each other while having fun.

We’ll share our cross-cultural experiences with a loose structure with openness for interesting dialogues to emerge in these meetings. This is also a great place for you to practice active listening and broaden your horizons.

Facilitated by Rei Perovic and Yoko Francis

Second Tuesday of Every Month | 11 am-12 pm

The most important thing we bring to coaching is ourselves. Far beyond techniques and tools, it’s our coaching presence that enables the intuition, wisdom, trust, and creativity required for the deepest transformations to take place in our clients.

We will explore questions such as: How can we show up as our best selves for ourselves and our clients? What practices and techniques help us to stay present during the coaching process and dance in the moment with our clients? We will be discussing and exploring a variety of mindfulness and presence-based techniques and EQ skills backed by neuroscience and how we can support one another in our coaching journeys.

Third Thursday of Every Month | 6-8 pm

Come join us for an evening of connection, support, and fun. As coaches and entrepreneurs, it can feel isolating working on our own sometimes. Think of our monthly meeting as the go-to place to tap into the power of the group for growing our coaching businesses. In our Mastermind-like format, each participant receives time to be supported and be accountable for their committed actions. We’re a community of compassionate and diverse coaches here to share ideas, resources, and insights. And of course, new participants are welcome!

Facilitated by: Rei Perovic and Matthew Pearson

“The ICF NYC CoachCafe meetings are a great way to meet other coaches, share stories, best practices and to learn from one another in a casual and welcoming environment. It’s great to have such a supportive group to connect with!”Anna Szpunar ACC Coach & Founder, The Entrepreneurial Soul

Fourth Thursday of Every Month | 12-1:30 pm

As professional coaches, no matter which types of coaching we offer, it’s essential to possess powerful questions and leadership insights to guide our clients to embrace change, create new visions, and find inspiration.

We offer a forum for our members to discuss Leadership topics. Topics may include leading during times of change, leading others with a new vision, or coaching insights for various levels of leadership. Participants will have an opportunity to contribute cases for discussion.

Facilitated by Christine Alvarez and Eileen Springer

Last Wednesday of Every Month | 10-11:30am

Please come join us as we share resources, ask thought-provoking questions, and educate each other. Our goal is to keep building a supportive, collaborative and fun community as we each grow a sustainable and thriving coaching business, whether you’re a new or experienced professional coach.

Facilitated by Crystal Barrow

“ICF is deeply committed to enriching the lives of its coaching community through engaging and meaningful content and connection. Their CoachCafe groups are one such example of that investment. I have benefited personally and professionally from the relationships I began more than a year ago in various CoachCafes. Through collaboration, learning exchanges and our shared experiences, my community of coaching friends continues to make me a better person and a coach dedicated to continued development.”Lara Measelle

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