What Drives Behaviors? Learn New Insights with the Lumina Spark Personality Assessment

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CCEU’s: 1.5 (Core Competencies .3125; Resource Development 1.1875) Coaches want to choose the right diagnostic tool for each client. Yet we often find ourselves reverting to the same small selection, making trade-offs between depth, validity, cost and ease of use. Join us to learn about a new personality assessment and toolkit that relieves you of those trade-offs. Lumina Spark measures personality traits in a new way, capturing the paradox in your client’s personality and helping them understand how and why their behavior changes in different situations. Learn how the Lumina Spark toolkit is used to enable powerful, insightful coaching conversations. Attendees at the live presentation will have the opportunity to download the Lumina Spark app and complete a ‘lite’ version of the profile free of charge. Three things our audience will learn: • A new way of measuring personality that underpins the Lumina Spark model • How Lumina Spark can be used to create awareness and design actions with coaching clients • How Lumina compares to other popular personality assessments

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