Developing Your Coaching Edge through Confident Vulnerability

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Past ICF president Janet Harvey said, “Vulnerability is the key to effective coaching”. Yet stepping fully into true vulnerability is one of the most difficult skills for coaches to master! There is, however, an accelerator that can make this easier, and increase a coach’s ability to operate from vulnerability. If you can add to vulnerability a quiet inner confidence anchored in deeper awareness of your unique strengths, you will have found your coaching edge and a game-changing accelerator of client growth. This session will offer you an experiential introduction to confident vulnerability: why it matters, what it is and how to create it. Three things you will learn are: Ways to operate from confident vulnerability and thus acquire or sharpen your coaching edgeAssessment tools to recognize and deepen your confident vulnerabilityPossible coaching inquiries to identify and activate effective strategies when your confident vulnerability wanes. About our DeAnna Murphy: DeAnna Murphy is an engaging keynote speaker, author, coach and global leadership development consultant. She has logged more than two decades and 12,000 hours of experience coaching, speaking and facilitating programs that have earned her a stalwart reputation as a driver of engagement, productivity, and performance. DeAnna focuses particularly on talent management strategies that produce measurable results.

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