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Depth Coaching

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Depth coaching comprises a set of approaches which, when taken together, constitute a creative, effective and lasting coaching process. It addresses clients’ current issues and opportunities while inspiring the mind and encouraging the heart for the long-term. Neurobiology, mindfulness work, Jungian psychology, and more are converging into an emerging body of knowledge and practices that inform and guide our craft. This session will provide an overview of this knowledge, honoring the many outstanding contributions to the field from many sources, and point to the practices and models we can use to expand our coaching toolkit. Three things participants will learn: How to assist your clients in accessing more of their brain/mind and creative powers for aligned decision-making and enhanced performance How to use the stuck places, and repetitive patterns our clients experience as a means to work into the ways to shift and change them How to use perspectives on life and work purpose and on the second half of life for application in career, life and work balance, and leadership challenges.

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